Aircraft Carrier Deck

Vietnam Air War

F-4C Phantom

Modern War Series

US MK.23 MTVR with Armor Protection Truck

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Crafting your museum

Reminiscing Our Memories
1:48 Helicopters

AH-1Z Viper

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World War II

"Fury" M4A3E8 Sherman

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US Air Force F-16CJ Block 50 with 2 modern US fighter pilots

Built in 1/32 scaled model, this model is to represent the world's most numerous fixed-wing aircraft in military service.

USMC Vietnam war
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Top Gun
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Rommel and Staff in North Africa
Rommel & Staff
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Hue Mau Than 1968

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Limited Edition
1/32 USAF ACE Pilot, Vietnam era
Built and painted in 1/32 scaled model
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New Arrivals
"Medic!" US soldiers
Original kit from Paracel Miniatures, built & made under 1/35 scaled ratio
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Kamov Ka-52

Russian Attack Gunship Helicopter

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War Stories | Legendary Zil-157

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Truck Zil-157 North Vietnam on Truong Son Trail
Normandy Landings
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Scenic of Normandy Landings when German troops wearing machine gun
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